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Shepparton crushing death involving TM worker acting as a spotter

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Condolences to the family. 😥 

This is a tragic incident highlighting the risks not just to operators, but for spotters and other staff when working around heavy plant & machinery. Make sure your SWMS includes risk mitigation against collapse & tipping. Unlevel & unstable ground can be very unforgiving.

Investigation: Emergency services on the scene of a fatal workplace incident on Bunganail Rd at Wahring, on Wednesday, June 22. Photo by Anna McGuinness

A 64-year-old Mooroopna man has been identified as the worker who died on a rail upgrade site at Wahring on Wednesday, June 22.

According to Rail Projects Victoria, the incident on Bunganail Rd, 40km south of Shepparton, occurred about 3.10pm when a truck tipped over while reversing.

A traffic management sub-contractor was acting as a spotter for the truck when he was struck, and died at the scene.

The truck was delivering quarry material to the level crossing upgrade site.

WorkSafe confirmed it is investigating the incident.

A statement said it was understood gravel was being unloaded from the fully extended tipping trailer when it fell into a culvert and onto the worker.

Work on the project has ceased until further notice.

“We are deeply saddened by this incident and extend our heartfelt sympathies to the man’s loved ones,” Rail Projects Victoria chief executive Evan Tattersall said.

“We take safety very seriously on our projects.

“Rail Projects Victoria will work with the project contractor to ensure the team on site is fully supported.”

Two train services on the Shepparton line were replaced by coaches for all or part of the journey on Wednesday night and services resumed on Thursday morning.

The death is the 23rd workplace fatality in Victoria this year.

By Anna McGuinness, Shepparton News, Jun 23, 2022

WorkSafe Link


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