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Construction company fined $24,000 for working too close to powerlines

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This is an old incident from 2015 that I've only just come across on the WorkSafe website.

Working without a permit, without a SWMS and ignoring warnings about the risks.

Fined $24,000 + $6387 in costs.

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Thanks for the post @ajirubye5857821

I wasn't aware of this incident but an online search found further reports of the same WorkSafe prosecution & judgement here:

This was a serious breach of not just the OHS Act but common sense, so IMHO a $24,000 fine is about right. It's fortunate actually that it wasn't an incident that caused injury (or worse).

Creditorwatch website states that their status is "Under External Administration And/Or Controller Appointed", so I think there is a lot more to this story. 



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